Transactions, corporate finance, valuations and compliance

KKLW Advisory sp. z o.o. is a Polish company which combines specialists with many years of experience in the most recognizable international consulting and business companies. Our company provides M&A advisory, property and business valuation, forensic / internal audit and financial advisory.

The KKLW Group combines a law firm with over 9 years of experience in the market with a consulting and tax and accounting company, which makes it stand out for its comprehensive approach to customer service.

We specialize in transactions where we offer full service including legal, financial and tax support. In this area, we also carry out projects to obtain financing and advice on the purchase and sale of companies and search for a business partner.

By combining specialists in the fields of law, audit and finance, we offer a comprehensive service provided by an internally integrated team in the field of forensic combined with further legal support in criminal and civil proceedings.

Our offer is complemented by highly specialized additional services in the field of accounting and controlling, valuation and advice on pricing and sales management (sales excellence) as well as digital transformation.

We provide service in the field:

M&A advisory

  • Transaction support - advice to the buyer or seller
  • Financial due diligence
  • Tax due diligence
  • Technological advice related to transactions  
  • Business and asset valuations
  • Preparation of transaction documentation (teasers, information memoranda)
  • Support in negotiating commercial terms / documents regulating transactions (price formulas including price adjustments, exclusions of results of certain transactions from price calculation, letters of intent, term sheets, purchase and sale agreements)
  • Preparation of financial statements in formats required by the Buyer, including IFRS and US GAAP
  • Acquisition settlements – Purchase Accounting (including allocation of purchase price to newly identified assets / intangibles)
  • Verification of transaction price settlement (verification of correctness of its calculation / assessment of correctness of calculation of price adjustments)

Property and shares valuations

  • Property valuations of real estate and machinery and equipment prepared by a property appraiser
  • Valuation of shares / companies - valuation of shares or stocks of the entity being valued, as well as valuation of separated parts of business entities

Finance raising and financial modelling

  • Analysis of profitability / payback periods of investment projects
  • Preparation of documentation to obtain funding
  • Development of business plans and financial projections
  • Determination of available collateral
  • Advice on a possible / optimal source of funding
  • Support in negotiations with financial institutions
  • Negotiation of financing conditions

Business advisory

  • Implementation or development of controlling functions, including BI and reporting systems implementations
  • Implementation or development of the internal audit function
  • Financial modelling and planning
  • Support in the preparation of non-financial / integrated / CSR reports
  • Digital Transformation
  • Implementation of project offices
  • Implementation and training of agile methodologies
  • Pricing and sales management (sales excellence)

Accounting advisory

  • Accounting advisory - support in the implementation of IFRS and in the transformation of statements in accordance with the requirements of these standards; analysis and updating of accounting policies, training
  • Preparation of selected financial information, including
    • Financial data by operating segments of companies
    • Carve out - separating financial data for the purpose of e.g. transaction / valuation of a part of the business operating in a larger whole

Compliance, forensic, support for the valuation of the damage

  • Support in implementing the compliance function in companies
  • Evaluation of the existing compliance system
  • Forensic - an audit following the detection or suspicion that irregularities have occurred in the company
  • Financial valuation of damage in case of disputes and/or irregularities



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00-105 Warsaw, Poland

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